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Jiangsu zenithund intelligent equipment Co., Ltd. Is a R&D,customization,manufacturer of slewing bearings and slewing drives, which is located in the high-tech industrial park of xinbei district, changzhou city china. Now the company has a complete set of processing, assembly,testing and other equipment to meet the precision manufacturing of slewing series devices. Slewing drive products range in size from 3 inches to 25 inches, 9 series of nearly 70 varieties, the slewing bearing products cover single row, double row, cross row, three row total have four structures to meet customers' needs for rotary device of all types of ordinary and precision.

The company's main rotary device series are widely used in solar tracking system, medical equipment, construction machinery, forklift, AGV robot.In addition we have a smart team for 15 years old,Independent R&D center,CMM testing ,Laboratory have Coordinate measuring instrument,salt spray test,rain test chamber,life testing machine,holding torque teser,rotary performance tester,motor dynamometer,thephysical and chemical properties were tested by the third party authority and successful achievement IOS9001,CE,Patents.Company have comeplete sets of processing equipment ,assembly equipment.Our products have been widely sold to customers at home and abroad.

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